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Process engineering and design consulting for products and systems that involves the handling or processing of solids

Note the size of this project (look for the man in the JLG), which combined three well-known technologies in a novel way to solve a problem at a third of the cost of a conventional system. 


Some areas of expertise are crystallization, drying, filtration and centrifugation, air pollution control, pneumatic conveying, blending and milling, solids separations and agglomeration


Examples from Chemical Engineering Magazine are:

Don't let Phase Changes Faze You, October 2005

Install Pneumatic Conveyors Correctly, April 2006

Avoid Trouble with Slurries, November 2006

Clamp Down on Clumping, October 2009


Highlights of Qualifications


Over 45 years experience in engineering process control and design, solids processing, and air pollution control


Extensive experience in presentation of research and engineering design to industrial, scientific and academic setting audiences and organization of conferences and seminars


Over 90 external publications and many internal design guides


Full member of Air and Waste Management Association and American Institute of Chemical Engineers for over 40 years


Relevant Experience and Accomplishments


Environmental Science


Principle expert on air pollution control and fugitive emissions, designer of wet scrubbers, baghouses, and precipitators, developer of novel control and sampling devices, researcher of water and air pollution, waste site remediation, consultant on emerging technologies. A couple of example publications are

  1. An Evaluation of Flare Combustion Efficiency using Open Path FTIR Technology, Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association, October, 2000 and
  2. An Evaluation of Fine Particle Wet Scrubbers, Environmental Progress, February, 1988


Chemical Engineering


Analyst of plant operation and control problems, experienced in start up of pilot and full scale operations, developer of new and alternate process technology, energy efficient process designer, consultant to research on scale up factors, product designer of packed towers, drying equipment and crystallizers


Solids Handling and Processing


Principle expert in fluidization, particle physics, elutriation, consultant on grinding, mixing, separation of solids, process designer of fluid bed dryers and reactors, process designer of pneumatic conveyors and fluid mills, developer of in-house fluid blenders and granulators, researcher of solids flow properties and mass flow bins


Project Management and Training


Project leader of over 30 contract research jobs, daily supervisor of up to 12 people, chairman of technical committees, trainer of engineers in fluidization and particle interactions, professor of graduate students in environmental health, professor of engineering, developer of engineers' writing skills, developer of computer programs


Industrial Experience covers the following industries:


Acrylics, Nylon casting and spinning, Aspirin and Acetaminophen, Organo-chlorine chemicals, Biochemicals, Paints and pigments, Cast iron, Pesticides and herbicides, Pharmaceuticals, Coal mining and processing, Phosphates and food chemicals, Copper mining and refining, Phosphorus, Detergents, Polyethylene, Elastomers, Silicon manufacture, Fertilizer chemicals, Sorbic acid, Fluorocarbons, Nitric acid, Sulfuric acid among others