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"It's about building memories one day at a time."

A captivating book by the Hepp University Press imprint of Healthsite Associates. . . . . . . .


Old Love is a love story about a long, successful, hard-fought marriage. It is also a message for our children: forget pre-nuptial agreements; forget "if it doesn't work, we'll get a divorce." A long-term relationship is a platform from which we launch our personal and professional accomplishments. As it says in the book: If we greet life as an adventurous journey, and have a good co-pilot along for the ride, anything is possible.


It is a small book, an easy read for the Generation X-ERs, who like their information in thirty-second sound bites. But it is a book that strikes an affectionate resonance with other long marrieds who have been there and traversed the same hurdles.


For "lifers like your Mom and Dad, or soon-to-be-marrieds like your son or your daughter, or your best friend.

- Mary Jo Blackwood


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