Mary Jo provides a wide range of writing services to magazines, newspapers, corporations, marketing departments, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.


Her writing is characterized by an upbeat, easy-to-read format that addresses the learning needs of her audiences. She is available on assignment either by the hour or by the project.

Writing Services

*         Medical technical writing

*         Health information for general public

*         Lifestyle Course materials

*         Travel writing with photography

*         Employee newsletters

*         Corporate or marketing newsletters

*         Feature articles

*         Advertorials

*         Interview profiles

*         Report writing/white papers

*         Web writing: medical webpages, feature articles

*         Blogs

To contact us:

Phone: 314-367-1260



*         Re-writing for clarity and flow

*         Simplifying manuscript structure for greater readability to reach a wider audience

*         Turning jargon into plain English