People lead increasingly hectic lives. It is not possible to introduce huge sweeping lifestyle changes. What is possible is to take small steps, elephant bites, to get you where you want to be.


Mary Jo is a recovering stressaholic and an aging Baby Boomer. She establishes instant rapport with her audiences, who sense she understands what they are up against!


Programs are interactive, filled with humor and examples of how to introduce small healthy changes into seeming chaos, at the same time helping us make a difference in the world.


Popular Programs include:

We can still do the things we did at 16; it just takes twice as long and hurts twice as much!

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1.       How to assess the balance among the different parts of our lives

2.       The four awesome truths known by healthy people

3.       How to identify those elephants in our lives that
have us stymied, and get started whittling them down

4.       The many uses of humor in achieving better health
and life management

5.       The recipe for eating an elephant- complete with
maps, and worksheets. (Silverware not included.)

*Program available in one-hour, two-hour, vegetarian and Kosher versions!

Eating an Elephant We all have elephants in our lives: that 25 lbs we want to lose, that degree we should finish, getting ready to move, added job responsibilities - you know, elephants. During this zany, skill-building interactive workshop, participants will learn:

Other programs include: Healthwise Medical Self-Care and What, Me Worry? Practical Stress Management