Seven Things to Do First

When Facing a Diagnosis of Cancer

By Mary Jo Blackwood, RN, MPH, CHES


The diagnosis of cancer is a highly charged emotional event. It can throw us off for days before we can begin to think clearly. Because it may be overwhelming, the inclination is to follow whatever the person delivering the news tells you. Not always the best idea. You have time to think it through. As a nurse who has had breast cancer twice, I recommend and live by seven principles for getting your feet back under you.


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Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Financial Advisor

By Thomas R. Blackwood, Ph.D.


So you've decided that your portfolio is sick, and your 401K looks more like a 201k. You need a financial advisor, but where do you go to get help? Whom can you trust? If you're looking for someone to pick the right stocks and make a killing in the market, this is not what a financial advisor can do. Following "hot tips" is foolish, since by the time a stock or a type of industry has become desirable, most of the gain is gone. Most professionals will be the first to admit that out-guessing the stock market is not a science. However, various types of investments are predictable over the long run. Most financial advisors strive to put together a plan that involves a mix of investments that balances risk with return. By taking a lower return, risk can be reduced. An advisor is just that, an advisor. There are some basic questions that will help you choose the right financial advisor and reduce the chances of getting bad advice.

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Twenty Tips For Growing a Life-Long Relationship

By Mary Jo Blackwood, RN, MPH and Thomas R. Blackwood, Ph.D.


You two have been together a looooong time- or at least it seems like it. Things can get, well, programmed and predictable. And having picked up some bad habits at our mothers' knees, we can settle into repetitive patterns of stimulus and response. Then when something catastrophic happens to one of us, such as cancer, a heart attack, or a job loss, all of those patterns become magnified and we begin to question their contribution to our lives.


We can, of course, throw the baby out with the bath water and decide to start a whole new life, but there may be some compelling reasons for fixing this relationship instead. Here are twenty hard-learned tips for keeping that relationship vibrant and growing with you. These tips assume you have an underlying respect for your mate and believe that he or she is somewhat salvageable. Put that shared history to work. Tune it up. A long-term relationship adds a great deal of richness to the fabric of our lives, but it doesn't just happen.


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Websites for Seasoned Citizen Activism!


We have the power; we have the numbers. Between Baby Boomers and their elders, we have almost 100 million educated and experienced minds to put to use solving our critical world problems. By committing to small or large causes to make even one person's life better, we can change the world. Visit these websites, or Google senior activism to get some ideas of how you can make a difference.


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